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The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) files amicus curiae briefs in support of state and local governments in the U.S. Supreme Court, conducts moot courts for attorneys arguing before the Supreme Court, and provides other assistance to states and local governments in connection with Supreme Court litigation. 

SLLC Briefs Recently Filed

Kisor v. Wilkie

Should the Supreme Court overrule Auer v. Robbins which requires courts to defer to agency interpretations of regulations (Summary)

PDR Network, LLC v. Carlton & Harris Chiropractic Inc.

Whether the Hobbs Act requires a federal court to accept a covered federal agency order not challenged as invalid (Summary)

American Legion v. American Humanist Society

Whether a local government has violated the First Amendment by displaying and maintaining a 93-year-old, 40-foot tall Latin cross memorializing soldiers who died in World War I (Summary)

Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Byrd

Is a state law requiring alcohol retailers to live in the state for two years to receive a license is constitutional (Summary)

Gamble v. United States

Should the "separate sovereigns” exception to the Double Jeopardy Clause be overruled (Summary)

Timbs v. Indiana

Whether the Eighth Amendment’s excessive fines clause is incorporated against the states under the Fourteenth Amendment (Summary)

Virginia Uranium v. Warren

Whether the Atomic Energy Act preempts Virginia's ban on uranium mining (Summary

Nieves v. Bartlett

Does the existence of probable cause to arrest someone defeat a First Amendment retaliatory arrest claim (Summary)

Knick v. Township of Scott 

Should Williamson County, holding takings cases must be brought in state (versus) federal court, be overturned (Summary)  

SLLC Recent Decisions

Weyerhaeuser Company v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A court may review an agency decision not to exclude an area from a critical habitat because of the economic impact of the designation (Summary

Mt. Lemmon Fire District v. Guido 

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) appies to state and local government employers with less than 20 employees (Summary