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Supreme Court Midterm

The Supreme Court’s 2021 docket is set for the 2020-2021 term. Many new cases of interest to states and local governments have been added, ranging from a takings case to a case involving college athlete pay. Join us for a discussion of the most interesting cases for states and local governments to be decided this term, featuring Dan Geyser, Alexander Dubose & Jefferson’s Supreme Court chair, who will argue a case about appellate costs for the City of San Antonio; Matthew Littleton, Donahue, Goldberg, Weaver & Littleton, who wrote the SLLC’s amicus brief in the takings case; and Sarah Harris, a partner in Williams & Connolly’s Supreme Court and Appellate practice, who represents a school district in a case involving student off-campus speech and the First Amendment.    

Date:  March 18

Time:  1PM Eastern

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Supreme Court Amicus Briefs

Supreme Court amicus brief can and do make a difference! The Justices regularly cite to them in opinions and ask about them at oral argument. Three former SCOTUS clerks will discuss how to write an effective Supreme Court amicus brief from a state and local government perspective: John Neiman, Maynard Cooper, who clerked for Justice Kennedy and was Alabama’s Solicitor General; Allon Kedem, Arnold & Porter, who clerked for Justices Kagan and Kennedy, and was an Assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General; and Usha Vance, Munger, Tolles & Olson, who recently clerked for Chief Justice Roberts.

Date: January 26, 2021

Time: 2-3:30 Eastern

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Supreme Court Preview for States and Local Governments

While the Supreme Court has agreed to hear lots of interesting cases relevant to states and local governments in its new term beginning on October 5, 2020, many are holdovers from last term! The Court has also accepted numerous new cases of interest including another challenge to the Affordable Care Act and a challenge to Philadelphia’s refusal to work with Catholic Social Service regarding placing foster children because it won’t place them with same-sex couples. Join Deepak Gupta of Gupta Wessler (who is counsel for Philadelphia, and who will also argue a pair of major personal-jurisdiction cases from Montana and Minnesota), Andrew Pinson, Georgia's Solicitor General (who will argue a case about whether plaintiffs can prevent a case from being dismissed as moot by seeking “nominal damages” after a government changes the challenged policy), and Kevin Daley of the Washington Free Beacon, in a discussion of the cases most interesting to states and local governments that the Court has agreed to hear so far. 

Date:  October 27

Time:  1PM Eastern

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